Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Late night cravings from the rush of the first hit,

Surrounded by the urge that consumes your thoughts

rushing through your system that allows you to rot -

away into the solitude that is your own existence.

Moving along with the smoke that fills the air chasing the thoughts

that have slipped away along with the responsibilities that have prayed-

for the consequences shall fall at your feet the way your life has been handed-

on a silver platter a razor blade lays between the lines of white coated powder.

Characters from other lives start to catch up

conflicting stories lead further away from the life you made

Up up and away you go again onto another fix that leads you to more men and away from your children.

Out night after night up day after day fueling the urge that keeps you away,

You're losing touch with reality and pushing the limits moving from once a day to constant alley visits.

It's you against the world, paranoia sets in as the thoughts begin to swirl

like the milky colored cream in your 3am coffee and the smoke from your cigarette

smoke blown like the dreams you once had;

Quietly moving yet loudly stepping to the same beat of a dead horse

that is now your voice that you use to victimize yourself and manipulate others;

Pushing away the miracle you refuse to recover, stepping aside from the role as a mother.

Understand what it's like to walk in my shoes she says....

.... She doesn't understand, every step her shoes took passed over me.


*this piece is an original piece -TheKingsQueen10/QueenD is the original owner / writer*