Sunday, May 3, 2009

To Be A King

As the second Round begins Mike Bibby froze the Heat in their tracks to push the Hawks on to fulfill the dream that Bibby was cut short of 7 years ago.

The Hawks Powered by their fearless leader in Bibby pushed ahead and sealed their fate as well as the Heat with Johnson and Smith as the ultimate power house.

The Hawks will now take on proclaimed "King" James and the Cavaliers who some believe are the team to beat this post season. Many believe that Boston will not repeat and others believe that Orlando just may be the silent sleeper. The one common denominator; Each of these teams have Kings powering them.

Reminiscent of 2002 it's Adleman vs. Jackson in the West, while the line up has changed the goal and scars remain. With so many Kings in this post season it makes one wonder where Petrie and the Maloof's heads were while demolishing probably the best TEAM to ever be established.

Maybe with this post season Petrie is watching and realizing what the Kings organization let get away and find some way to rebuild upon that.

However this post season ends whoever wants the crown must go through a King in order to earn that title.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The In's and Out's

The last 3 years haven't been anything King's fans would have ever thought they'd see. A major dismantling of what people(including outsiders) called a "Dream TEAM" with the last piece being moved last season its hard to realize that the past is the past and its time to set into reality.

The economy down, which means attendance is down another hard concept for Sacramento to grasp seeing as how every season we had a record for consecutive sellouts. Truth be told its happening all around the league, 12 teams are going to get a bailout next year and it looks as if Sacramento is going to be one of them. Will the money come to the team or will it go towards the new arena?

Yes that's right, in case you've been under a rock the plan has passed to build a brand new arena at Cal Expo. With this now in place it sets a new tone for not only the city but the club as well. With 2010 fast approaching the Maloofs have made moves to position them selves to not only rebuild but at the very least attempt to shop in 2010. A new arena and rejuvenated city is always a nice appeal. However, the key problems remain;

Who will be the coach?

Do the Maloofs really care about what we have here?

Are they really willing to take a look at the game rather than just the business side?

Do they plan to show up to any game that isn't considered high profile?

It's kind of hard for fans and players to stick by when the owners aren't. But with that said, as fans we stick by, through the hard times as well as the good. We sit through the hard times because the privilege we have over ban wagon fans is that, when the wins start pouring in it means so much more to us because we shared the teams pain. We have that bond that the others can't even comprehend. True Loyalty, True dedication.

I heard and will quote a Laker fan who I spoke with just yesterday say to me " The refs not only took something away from the Kings but us as well in 2002. The fans don't deserve that asterisk." Necole Key -

Even though people think that's what keeps us holding on as fans, as if we are living in the past as some like to say...
Well as I've said before, If you aren't a King's fan you wouldn't understand. We understand what goes in and the product that should come out. For some its the stats, for us its heart and teamwork because after all thats what the game is all about.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Captivated Within The Web That Is A King

What a Tangled Web we weave when first we practice to deceive...

Sacramento was only known for the fact that it was (is) the Capitol of California and possibly the Wine. As someone born in the City it was always more than that, but to the rest of the world the only things known about this city was what happened to be in the history books. It wouldn't be long before that changed....

He made his way in with a chip on his shoulder, and realizing it or not his heart on his sleeve.
Chris Webber made his debut and the Legacy of not only the Sacramento Kings but CWEBB himself would never be the same.

The infamous year of 2002 was the defining season of what would be, what should be the 2002 NBA Champions.

February 6th 2009, As Chris Webber's Jersey rose to the rafters he said,
" I may not have won a championship but I can guarantee less than 10% of athletes will ever experience what I experienced here in Sacramento"

With the 2002 season left with an asterisk next to it you wonder how much of that weighs on the minds of the men who served this city with everything they had.
Chris on the other hand has taken it with a grain of salt and celebrates the memories rather than the what if's.

Watching Webber's jersey rise was huge slap in the face. For Kings fans from the "Dream Team" (as Doug Christi calls it) Era, staring at his jersey flying high above Center Court was the revelation of ... It's truly and officially over... There's no going back, it is finally the time to move on....

Not a dry eye in the house, Vlade and Doug giving their speaches in honor of Chris really made the point clear....

Someone asked the question; How do you retire a jersey without ever winning a Championship?

The answer is this.....

Nobody outside of the Kingdom will ever understand this, but ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE RING. It's about the lessons you learn along the way, It's about the pride you take in what you love, It's the feeling you get when 12 teammates step on the floor, It's about the relationships built by not only the teammates but the realtionships that the athletes and organization makes with the fans....

And most importantly, it is about the unselfish actions in order to make everyone else better.
When you can come away from a team that made this franchise infamous and say, Its not about the championship, it was about the experience, you know the game was played the way it was meant to be played, heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears on the floor and all that was left was the person that experience built, you know you have something beyond special.

"Greatness begins with mistaken opportunities."