Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The City of Kings

On February 28th, 1983 a little girl with big dreams and expectations was born, born to a city that she would hold so high, a city above any other... A city that she would one day have to leave. In 1985 two things very special to her would enter this city, her baby brother and The NOW Sacramento Kings.

In 1988, Her grandmother whom raised her would have to make the hard decision of moving out of the city to a smaller town so that her uncle (whom her grandmother took care of due to severe brain damage) could try and attempt having a normal life.

This little girl is me, as I grew up Basketball was something that excited me, as a little girl I still remember watching Michael Jordan, with every move I knew this game was MY game.
After Michael retired the game was just... well it just didn't feel like a game anymore, there was no excitement, almost no point...
I had always followed my home town team because I love everything there is about Sacramento, When Chris Webber came, I remember thinking... Could this be it for them? Could this really put them where the city deserves to be? Sure enough we didn't have to wait long for that question to be answered.

Chris Webber, and a line up of Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, Doug Christie, and Mike Bibby stunned the NBA world when they took the Lakers to a 7 game series. As a fan that was not in the area for the series I remember being in Best Buy for Game 5... The game we all dread to remember. I was hoping to get in the store and get out before the game started but that didn't happen so instead I sat in front of the tv showing the game from beginning to end. Other fans sitting there with me, on edge waiting to see how this would turn out. That game, That Series changed my life.

I vowed to come back to Sacramento so that the only way I would experience this was in person standing on my feet screaming with the rest of the 17,000 other fans in person.
In 2003 I finally got my chance... A friend of mine and I waited up all night, calling ticketmaster, online with ticketmaster and at a ticketmaster all in the hopes of scoring playoff tickets against the Dallas Mavericks. SOLD OUT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT! So instead we decided well, lets just go and we'll drive around the city; He wasn't from anywhere in the area, so I showed him around, and that day we went into this store called "Sports Fever" in Arden Fair mall... and one man changed our lives and that dream came true. He mentioned that he had 2 tickets left for the game and if we wanted them... Framed is my ticket STO (Standing Room Only) and worth every single penny.

We drove back to Madera ( a town just north of Fresno -where I lived) that night and did not even sleep, got everything together and got right back in the car and drove right back to Arco Arena the very next morning. Nothing will ever change that moment for me. I know the Arco that is so envied, I know the fans that rang the cowbells, I know the team that shocked a nation,



After the demise or the crumbling of a Kingdom occurred, I refused to sit around like I was watching some awful movie. The announcement of the Trade of Doug Christie hit the airwaves, and my blood ran rampant... I called Maloof Sports and Ent. at the very least to leave a message of my absolute disgust, I wanted them to know that this was the WORST decision that could have possibly been made.
I STOOD AND LET THEM KNOW I AM A FAN AND WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. This process repeated itself with the trades of Peja, Chris, and Bobby.

In 2005 the Buzz about the new arena started to make its way through the news papers, ESPN and so forth; In 2006 an official matter of a public funded arena would be put on the ballot for California's impromptu election, I knew I had to do everything I could to make sure I was a part of this.

In August of 2006 I moved back to Sacramento, in the midst of the downward spiral that we as fans had been facing, but to me I'm a fan and it doesn't matter if we're winning or losing, it doesn't matter how new or old our arena is, I'm a fan and nothing will ever change that.
I was a resident just long enough to ensure that I was able to register to vote, and vote I did.
The measure didn't pass and the fans still sat in limbo, waiting to hear anything positive. We've waited for the last 5 years to hear something positive, anything to ensure us that the Kings are here to stay, and now we here from the commissioner himself that the Maloofs are interviewing other city officials?

As a King's fan I've learned they are usually doing what we aren't hearing about so in usual fashion, normally I would push this off as a media stunt, but something about this time doesn't seem to fall in that same suit.

As a SACRAMENTO Kings Fan, this plea is to the Maloof's and the CITY of Sacramento...
We are the heart of your business, Franchise and the key factor that helps your organization and this City run, we were here before you and we will be here until there is nothing left to fight for!
Move to Southern California and you'll see that the decision in that will be nothing more than your last dump before filing for Chapter 11. YOU WILL NEVER FIND FANS LIKE US, Especially not on enemy ground.

To You this is a business but to us... the ones who generate your business, this is OUR LIFE.
WE ARE YOUR 6TH MAN and the way things have been we may be the ONLY man still putting in the effort every night. This has nothing to do with filling the stands, its an economic down turn, as business men you have to understand that lowering the upper lever last 2 rows of each section to 10.00 is not going to fill the seats. We all have to worry about feeding our families, as do you but lets all make a compromise here.

I am all for a publicly funded arena, if that's what it takes I'm all for it. Give the residents of Sacramento and Surrounding a discount on merchandise, and tickets since we're footing some of the bill... There is a way to make this happen, you guys used to be such great owners, and still can be, lets make something happen and keep the King's in the City they call home!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Is Fair In Love and Labels

I have dreamed just as most little girls do, of a love that transcends time, a romance that is just as it is in the movies...

I met a man who changed my world, turned it upside down, and I never.... saw him coming. I took a chance, though at the time I didn't realize that, well... how could I when I didn't expect anything..? It was a whirl wind of events I remember it from the very beginning in detail... The most important event that I remember is when he stole my heart. We hear people say that, but when you are not expecting to fall in love the surprise of it really captivates you.

We've spent most of our adult lives together and though it hasn't been quite as expected, it's gone beyond my expectations...

We expect a man to do certain things for the woman in his life, as I'm sure most people do... when you're with someone you call each other boyfriend girlfriend, fiance etc... expect them to do the things you wouldn't expect.. and when these things don't exactly happen according to plan we get excited, anxious and forcing the situation to become hostile.

Looking for a label and the expectations did nothing but take away the time God blessed me with, I wasted these moments because all I could do was scrutinize every little moment and action, because it wasn't the way I wanted it.

He gives me the love and attention that I need, and a label that can't be defined, sometimes its not a defense or an excuse, sometimes it is what it is and you can't change that or make it anymore than what it already is....

.... Love


The Gift List

While I was in Barnes and Noble Looking for a gift for my Valentine I came across a book that gave the "answers" to situations with women. As I skimmed through this book I thought, this would be a good low key gift for Valentine's day for a man... Until ... while I was skimming I realized this had to have been written by a man, because there is NO WAY any of those "answers" would have done anything other than create more situations leading to more questions.

Gentlemen I'm presenting you with the Gift List - rules and regulations...

Recently I have given the women the idea passed down to me from Zarah, to make an online album with all of their favorite things so that the men don't have to guess anymore... just click and go...
With this however there are certain things men need to know...

There is a place and time for every gift

We will Start with Christmas, mainly because this is an obvious day for gifts...
One of my close friends (now husband) asked if he could hide her gift at my house until Christmas, of course I said yes, and when he brought in this huge box with a Television on the front I thought it was a gag gift; You know those small gifts in big boxes... No, It was a TV.


MEN DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT EVER GIVE A TV AS A GIFT TO YOUR WIFE/GIRLFRIEND unless she has clearly stated that she wanted a tv, otherwise we know that this gift was not for us, we normally do NOT want a tv for ANY gift, most of us are pretty independent and capable of getting this on our own if we want it.
Chances are if she's a mother she doesn't have time to even sit down to watch a 30 minute sitcom.

Electronics are not the gift you want to give in general, unless its something we would use in our every day lives such as a laptop, mp3 player, Kindle/Nook, something that isn't going to waste our time, because if you haven't noticed we feel that our time is precious and not worth wasting.

On to Birthdays...
Now another gift that many men tend to get wrong is Kitchen and or home goods...
Men, if your wife or girlfriend is a baker or loves to cook, again there is a time and place for everything. Birthdays are personal... this is your woman's special day, a day that nobody else can take from her, so give accordingly.


kitchen aid Pictures, Images and Photos

Mother's day is the day you want to give these types of gifts.

Birthdays are about those special moments to remind her why she celebrates life. This is when you pay attention to her (online) album, or the hints she's given. If you are not up with technology and you can't see this album then pay attention, she will always put her thoughts out there, you just have to catch them.
Pay attention to what shes looking at in the stores, magazines, online... It's best that you take the time to pay extra attention to her as this day comes close, no not because it will put her in a good mood and work to your advantage (although this is true ) but because, she will be throwing out suggestions quicker than you reach the plate.

- Music, Movies,Spa Days, massages, Something incorporating her favorite things.
- Dinner at her favorite restaurant or something has a special meaning to the 2 of you, a movie that you know she'd like (even if you don't- THIS IS NOT YOUR DAY)

If all else fails, ask a friend of hers, we always have the answer.
-Perfume (girls can be sensitive- shocking I know) but she can take this gift in so many different ways that its not even worth chancing. Some girls are obsessed with fragrances so unless you know exactly which perfume she wears or likes... just steer clear of this.

-Clothes- If you don't know her size in clothes this will end badly... IT JUST WILL don't question it. If you know she likes clothes just go for the gift card... Impersonal yes but if you want to stay on the safe side this is the only time gift cards are alright.

-Dinner NO FAST FOOD OF ANY KIND, or Franchise unless you know this is something she prefers. It's not about the money you spend, but we are at fast food and chains every day, try to go out of the box.

The Longer you have been together you will be able to know which do's and don'ts are and are not acceptable.

And for the Main Event...

.............VALENTINES DAY............

This for some can be tricky... I myself am not a fan of flowers for the most part and am allergic to chocolate... so most would think that this day wouldn't be one of my favorites, but oh contraire ... It's actually my most favorite day of the year.

I'm a hopeless romantic, I begin and end with Love, I don't care what anyone says or how they want to discredit this day, yes we should show our loved ones how we feel about them every day, but for some men who are not always the most open about their feelings, this is the day where they get to pull out all the stops without feeling emasculated. We can all be real about this, this day is for the women... Most men who have good women in their lives will always see the same actions on a daily basis as they will on Valentines day, the only difference is you're going to get a gift that maybe you wouldn't necessarily get on any other day.

You can always give flowers and balloons on birthdays but, this day is the day of all days that it's just a given... Personalize it a little bit, if she's not into flowers, don't get something traditional, star gazers, tulips, lilies, orchids (my favorite) or a flower in her favorite color. You do not always have to do roses, I personally can't stand roses, but something that "reflects her beauty" (you can use this line) is a good idea... and here's a little secret for most of us, it's not about where it came from either, if you sneak a flower from someones bush... (I won't tell)
Save the normal birthday, Christmas type gifts for then, on Valentines day keep it simple but filled with love, take her to dinner somewhere romantic, give her a personalized frame with a picture of the two of you from one of your favorite moments.
Remember this is a full day event, start with something in the morning, get up early and bring her breakfast in bed, take the flowers/ balloons to her office, and finish it off with dinner or whatever surprise you have decided to go with.
* This can double for anniversaries*

Again, the longer you have been with the person will elevate the experience of this, we love to know that you remember every detail of every moment we've shared ... now of course we know you will never remember as much as we do, but if you can remember one special moment and "bring it back to life" so to speak. We love nothing more than to know you hold that same moment just as special as we do.

We are creatures of habit and at times tend to forget that there are other things out there aside from the norm.. A helpful little hint I'd like to give is this... The more attention you give us, the more we're going to give you...

More than anything we're going to love whatever it is you give us, for the simple fact that you thought about us, but we all know, the better the gift the better the return...