Sunday, May 3, 2009

To Be A King

As the second Round begins Mike Bibby froze the Heat in their tracks to push the Hawks on to fulfill the dream that Bibby was cut short of 7 years ago.

The Hawks Powered by their fearless leader in Bibby pushed ahead and sealed their fate as well as the Heat with Johnson and Smith as the ultimate power house.

The Hawks will now take on proclaimed "King" James and the Cavaliers who some believe are the team to beat this post season. Many believe that Boston will not repeat and others believe that Orlando just may be the silent sleeper. The one common denominator; Each of these teams have Kings powering them.

Reminiscent of 2002 it's Adleman vs. Jackson in the West, while the line up has changed the goal and scars remain. With so many Kings in this post season it makes one wonder where Petrie and the Maloof's heads were while demolishing probably the best TEAM to ever be established.

Maybe with this post season Petrie is watching and realizing what the Kings organization let get away and find some way to rebuild upon that.

However this post season ends whoever wants the crown must go through a King in order to earn that title.