Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Am Genna Ayup...

On June 26th, 2012, 27 year old Genna Ayup was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Ronald James Corbin Jr. After an altercation between the two outside their house, the two went inside and neighbors witnessed the sound of a gunshot...

- He ran to get his gun and shot her in the face. -

This statement was not given by Mr. Corbin Jr. or a neighbor.. This is what the two year old son of the couple witnessed with his own eyes and in his own words, he has been able to describe the whole horrific situation in detail....

I wish I could say that this was the beginning to one of my manuscripts in the works but unfortunately this is not fiction. This is an actual horrific, tragic event that has occurred in Tucson, Arizona.
As of now Mr. Corbin Jr. has not been arrested, questioned nor has he given a statement. He has hired an attorney at this point but again, has NOT been arrested. According to the police, because he is not a flight risk they did not need to arrest him.

A man kills a woman in front of a child and that is not enough reason to bring the man in for questioning!? Where is the practice of justice here? Now, I'm not saying that they arrest him on the spot, but at the very least bring the man down to the station for questioning! Hold him on having a weapon around a child? I'm sure they could have found a reason to bring him to the station AT THE VERY LEAST, and go from there. Our country is so disorganized and unruly that we let people run around with guns without legal consequence, while innocent bystanders suffer the mortal consequences.

I ask you all to stand up! Stand up for a Mother, Stand up for your Sister, Stand up for your Daughter, Stand up for Friend, Stand up for the INNOCENT.  Our laws were written for structure and to bring justice, but are upheld without.

This is a case of unjust protocol, much like Treyvon Martin, Genna is without peace, without resolve. While their son is left to be with Mr. Corbin Jr. his father, while the justice system works through its procedures.  Domestic Violence has increased and will continue to increase rapidly if we allow these things to continue. This woman didnt end up with some broken bones, a black eye, burns... Her life was taken away from her in an instant, a mother has been taken away from her son by the person he lays next to at night, and who is left to help him?  Be that person.

I have attached a link below. Please I urge you to share this and re-post it everywhere you can... Please spread the word. Assure everyone this is not a scam, nobody is asking for money or donations, just your support. Genna is my dear friend's cousin and their family is devastated by not only this tragedy but the manner in which it's being handled. I want to thank you all in advance. -D


*UPDATE* Mr. Corbin was Arrested on One count of Manslaughter today... ONE COUNT OF MANSLAUGHTER!  Was later released on his own recognizance until his hearing on August 23rd, 2012, where he will roam the streets as a free citizen. My hope is that the release is to allow the District Attorney and the Tucson Police Department enough time to get the evidence and facts together to up the charges, because Manslaughter is definitely NOT the correct charge, nor the only.

Please continue to spread the word, I want to thank my followers for spreading the word before I really released this blog, Please continue to do so! Justice For Genna!

Since the posting of this article, the charges have been dropped against Mr. Corbin. Many have their theories on the reasons for this and as you can imagine the family is outraged. I however believe a different scenario, which is more beneficial to the family, which we will leave out because if I'm correct, I wouldn't want what my theory is, to compromise the judgement of this case. To sum it up, He knows what he did, the family knows and Genna knows what he's done and regardless of the outcome he is going to have to live with this for the rest of his life, and though outsiders may not see this, its going to eat away at him whether or not he shows it is another story, but this is his internal struggle he will have to deal with for eternity. I do not believe the City of Tucson has given up, I just don't. I have faith in all that there is and believe there is something larger at work here.

The petition has been updated so if you haven't signed it please do!