Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sisterly Love...

I've sat here for about a month with this blank sheet open in front of me preparing for my Best Friend's wedding... You see, It was a shock to me when I got the call, and as any Best Friend would be I was a little bit concerned. She's known him a short amount of time, definitely too short for me, but then again... I'm known to endure things for years on end so I guess it was just natural, but for Chas the woman is definitely one with the wind (fitting since she's an Aquarius... -thats an air sign for those who are unaware) ... As she is, so I decided to be as well, when one night her fiance posted their wedding announcement and I about lost my heart knowing that I couldn't be there for her big day. Although she says there will be a larger wedding in a year or so, I know from experience often times that never happens... so I decided to just say forget all of my grown up responsibilities and booked a flight to Florida... And she had no idea...  So here I am a week later with the words I wanted her to hear.

I've always been a big sister to my little brother, who wasn't always around, you see... Or not like normal siblings would be, and I always wanted to know what it was like to have a sister. One day when I was thirteen, this dreadful day in October.. My Physical Education class was changed to 5th period, a class where I knew nobody, in with a bunch of girls I didn't like including Chasity... Now mind you I didn't even know her, but maybe it was just the fact that I was in this class and just assumed the worst about everyone because I couldn't stand anyone else in it. But then... I couldn't tell you what it was or how it happened but I knew I had found my long lost sister. Chasity and I instantly became joined at the hip and we became a family. You may not know this by looking at her, or even talking to her, but she used to be this timid shy young girl who I knew inside was more opinionated than she showed, but she always kept herself very reserved. She wasn't the girl throwing herself at the boys, or trying to fit in with the other girls, Chasity was genuine every last bit of her, and that's one thing that's always been the same with me, if you aren't genuine I want nothing to do with you. She proved me wrong in so many ways, so many I have lost count.

At fourteen, she met a boy who stole her young naive heart, and though I warned her about him, she made her own decisions and though I wish for her sake she never had to go down that path he led her, God gave her the greatest gift someone can ever have... A son, my first Godson and on February 20th at 5:02pm when our eyes locked with him, I knew that no matter what life may throw at her, she was blessed and he is a reminder of that every day.  When I look at him as a soon to be teen, I see the amazing woman she has turned out to be, but more importantly the amazing mother that she is. Although I may have lost faith in my own, they are a reminder to me every day that Great Mothers do exist.

The morning of the 12th of October, I had all of these ideas of how to surprise her, I mean the fact that I was there was probably enough I mean 3,000 miles of travel over night would have probably sufficed, but if you know me, I never do anything minimal. So for weeks she had been texting all day every day, talking about plans, I even went as far as to send her a box with her veil and some gifts to throw her off the scent... You see, Chas has always had a little bit of "blonde on the brain"  so I was relying on this to get this surprise done and sure enough it worked amazingly. So come Friday morning, all of my plans fell apart and chose to go about it in a witty and nonchalant kind of way, by calling her at 4am (Pacific time) never knowing I was in the same time  zone as her, and letting on that I had insomnia and couldnt sleep and figured I'd call her because it was the day before the wedding and I wanted to make sure she was calm ... And I had asked what she was doing, which she tells me she was taking her son to school....  So I very calmly asked her if she could come by her mom's and pick me up, because I was just there by myself.... To express to you the joy my heart felt to have heard the excitement in her voice is near impossible. She was shouting asking her son if he knew, and she just kept repeating "You're lying" over and over...
I am no hugger, and let me tell you I practically despise it, but to hear her frantically knock on the door and fill her in my arms was like .... like... knowing that every decision I've ever questioned was no longer that, it was right, and to have missed this day that would be so important in her life would have been like my Grandmother missing my wedding day... It was important and necessary.

From our planning and prepping to doing her make up the afternoon of the wedding, trying to hold back our happy tears... This day was real and it was a day the two of us deserved after what we've shared with each other... The look in her eyes, the happiness and excitement I knew that it was time, she was really ready to make this decision. As I help her put her veil on, she was calm and settled,  as her best friend this was me giving her away to a new best friend, not one like me, one that will take head of her little family ( or as much as she will allow) one that is binded by the love of God and the state of FL, one that will take care of her in the way I know she deserves.

On a dark cloudy day in Key Largo sound, we hurried to the sound so that we could beat the rain. As I wave her down, I catch the glimpse of her son walking with her arm in arm, with her short vintage style cream dress, hair tussled just so, and rose and lilly bouquet and vivid red platform pump heals ... she meets Erdem infront of family and friends and I cannot keep the emotions in any longer, the rain starts to pour as they say their vows and it could not have been any more beautiful, as if God literally showered us all with his love...   As they are pronounced husband and wife, I can tell you that my heart is whole because my best friend and sister is finally whole.

 Love you more than words can say.... 
 -Buddy Bear