Thursday, September 1, 2011

Volumes Unheard

To move as one but to settle as two was an occurrence that screams volumes.

Where does that fine line disappear? At what point does the fight become "just a game"?
We go through our lives with so many ups and downs, as a woman we try to find the positives in situations, Or I know I do anyway... It's as if at some point it becomes misconstrued and invisible.
I have gone through every thought my mind can put forth, evaluate every aspect of a sentence or situation and still I come up empty, without vengeance, without heart, without fear.

A calm before the storm, it was warm, and reminiscent of an early fall, deceiving. I kissed the life it gave and blessed it while I felt it slip away. I realized although late, to look through to the other side of the mirror, to see a glimpse of what the inner layers kept hidden. Had I been oblivious? No, I chose to give it a fighting chance, turns out the chance has its own way of working.

I start again, moving mountains with new peaks to climb, exploring what seems to be the terrain of the plains, there are in fact no peaks at all. Nothing to soar from, just an old beaten path that looks more familiar than the one that led me here. Is there a fork in the road? Can I take a guide? It looks as though this is a journey I'm destined to travel alone, to ride out the storm or sail away.
I don't ask for much, yet lately it seems as if I'm asking for the world, not the world I would envision but maybe one of another.

I can't make sense of what it once was, or what I thought it would be; I'm lost in the reality that has shown itself to me. I've had this dance before, but where would I be had I not experienced it a time or two? I've slipped and fallen