Thursday, January 30, 2014

Illuminating Grace

I have never been one to hold my tongue.  I am not afraid or ashamed of the truth.

Most know I am a fan of the Book of Revelation, I say fan in the way of, its the book I'm drawn to most in the bible. I have studied this book since I was a child, Grandma and I would sit and she would read the verses and we would discuss the end times, but we would focus on the future, the beginning.

I am very big on the prophecy of the bible. I'm big on Prophecy. As a teen/young adult, I found interest in many things, such as, other religions and how they work, their beliefs, I wanted to understand where others come from. People would be very surprised to learn that ethnicity does not define belief. We've come to believe that here in recent years with the different wars waged against each other. I find that learning about other beliefs keep me educated and tolerant. Not in the sense that I believe what they believe, but I find that if I understand things it allows me not to be judgmental and more loving towards others.
In this I became very curious about skull and cross bones type of things, politics and the way things run. You see anyone who knew me as a teenager wouldn't have believed this but I really love to learn. I'm kind of a "Know It All" not in the sense of the ability to brag, I just like to be well educated on things. I learned that, "The first rule about fight club is that you don't talk about fight club."  While many have their ideas of what the "Skull and Cross Bones" are from the theatrics of Movies and the mainstream media... There are many things you'll never know anything about, and more importantly if they are as powerful as everyone makes them out to be, the things shown are probably very opposite of how things actually are... I mean, I would just assume...

I studied Nostradamus and his quatrains ... Many thought him to be "one of" the Antichrists for his visions he had, some believe he was a prophet.  I have no opinion on this other than whatever he was, his prophecies have lived long past his time. Are they derived from the bible? Are they visions from God? Or were they things Satan allowed him to see? We'll never really have any way of knowing. 

As I said I did my research, mainly to see if it fit in with my view on prophecy, and it does, it absolutely does. I got to a point where it was the only thing I could think about. I grew up preparing myself for the signs the bible says we would see in the last days... I became completely lost in it. To the point that, Revelation and outside sources kept me from diving more into the bible and building my relationship with Jesus.

Once I got back to basics, and back into my relationship with Jesus I started to see things in a different light. I saw his light.  I was devoting a lot of my life to cleaning my house and waiting for the knock on the door, rather than pursuing his company as it is... As I am.  What I mean by that is, instead of diving into my relationship with him and how I could strengthen it, I was busy trying to make everything right, and put puzzle pieces together instead of just putting my trust in him.

The point of Revelation, and the prophecies in the different books of the bible are to warn those who have not yet given their lives over. To show that the wrath of God is real and that this world will encounter it. In other words, its telling you when you see these things know that I am near... And if you have any plans on going to Heaven and spend your eternal life with Jesus, worry about your self and not what you're seeing.

We are here to plant the seed and spread the Good News... Though we are definitely in the last days, I find that acknowledging the signs is necessary but focusing on  my love for Jesus and his good news is what will matter in the end.... In order to see a new beginning.

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