Monday, June 2, 2014

Tim Brown's "The Making Of A Man"- Review

As I began reading Heisman Trophy winner, and Raider Legend, Tim Brown’s book "The Making of a Man: How Men and Boys Honor God and Live With Integrity" I was instantly drawn in. I’m ashamed to say but, I’m one of those readers who judge the books by their covers (in the literal sense). For Me, knowing that Tim was writing a book was all I needed to know in order to purchase it, top it off with the fact that he would be doing a speaking engagement at my church, that was a done deal for me. As a Raider fan and even more so a fan of Tim Brown…scratch that, not a fan… a loyal admirer and follower of Tim Brown the Introduction and the first chapter ‘A Man Is Thankful’ I was immediately hooked. To read the details behind his mindset leading up to the Super Bowl was beyond emotional for me.

You see I was about 6 When Tim started playing professional football. The very first Raider memorabilia I had was Tim’s. Grandma and I were in Kmart and she said “ Hey Honey, how would you like this?” A Placard of Tim Brown.
Little did she know… 
 As a little girl, football isn’t something you think of being a part of her life but it was for me, and being surrounded by San Francisco fans, the fact that I went against the grain wasn’t a happy moment by the men in my family. Grandma and I were sitting and watching the Raiders play and Tim brought down this catch that just amazed me, Grandma and I did a little touch down dance and celebrated, it was Tim who made me a Raider fan.
Grandma being my strong hold, my anchor to the Lord, as I read Tim’s words I am absolutely beside myself as to the power of God’s plan. How he connects us in so many different ways. I could never pinpoint on why I had such an admiration for Tim, I mean aside from his athletic accomplishments there was something about him that was just ...more.
In his book, he says His wife's is described as having a light about her, and when I read this, it clicked.. That's what it is about him beyond the plays on the football field, his light for the Lord is beyond what his play is, which seems impossible but its true
When I had the opportunity to meet him (the first time) at Fred Biletnikoff’s Grid Iron Greats meet and greet before the Golf Tournament he does every year, I remember as my turn was approaching, I was standing there looking at the person in front of me and my knees gave out a little, I had began to feel a little woozy. I walked up and he was so gracious and so sincere as a person I tell you It was as something radiated off of him (that light). He asked how I was and I explained I was feeling as if I were going to pass out and He said “Well lets take our picture first.”   It was so odd to see how human this hero of mine was. The second time I had the opportunity was the very next year at the golf tournament and this time I asked him to sign my arm so I could tattoo it on, I left that very moment and had it put on me for life.  I look back at these moments as I read through "The Making of A Man" it wasn't just a trip down memory lane, it was as if I experienced it all over again for the first time with a new pair of eyes.
I was never into reading Biographies really but Grandma loved them. I wish that she were here to read this with me, I can without a doubt say that it would have been one of her favorites.
Tim has done what we all should strive to do, and that is be as honest as possible with our walk with Jesus. Many believe you have to show a certain type of face when talking about Jesus and hide all the things that came before.  When in actuality it is our story that came before our meeting of the Lord that is the one that catches the attention of someone, and the story of God's grace and how we live from that moment on that changes another person's life, the very thing that could lead a doubter to God.
Throughout the "The Making Of A Man" Tim relives the most talked about, and the toughest times as a Raider fan that we've experienced (Tuck Rule & the Super Bowl). He does an amazing job of drawing you in and explaining the comparison between his professional, family and spiritual life, which to Tim are all one in the same. Whether you are on the football field or in your every day life, a football fan or just a regular guy, a woman or a man, The Making Of A Man is a book everyone should not just own but keep with them throughout their life.
Tim I thank you for what you've given me as a fan, but more so as a follower of Christ.  God's plan for you is going to be beyond glorious, and the way you have honored him is nothing short of Godly.  I truly believe God has that Hall Of Fame moment for you, he's just waiting for the right time for you to have the right story to proclaim him in that Big of a Moment.
I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is looking for encouragement, who feel they've failed at something, families, and to be very honest I'd like to see pastors read this book, because I've seen too many pastors preaching the word but not all of the truth and I know that this book will revive that fire under you that God has been trying to give you. 

I could go on and on, page by page with a review because it touched me so deeply but instead I will encourage you to read it for yourself and feel the same inspiration "The Making Of A Man" gave me.

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